All The Good Ones Were Taken


Welcome to the nth iteration of my personal website! If you've somehow got here without knowing who I am, here's a brief introduction.

Personal Projects

Some things I've done for myself, from complicated stuff that took months, to noddy scripts that took an hour or three. Most are hobby projects for some combination of fun, learning, and scratching personal itches. Some will hopefully provide guidance and/or inspiration for someone out there, others are just me going "I made this!" like the squeaky voice at the end of The X-Files. Most are — or soon will be — open source. Be warned that some contain American spellings like color and nounal license.

Z1a Homebrew Computer

A 1980s-style 8-bit home computer designed and programmed from scratch.
KiCAD EDA, Z80/Z180 assembly, AVR C, Python
Source & schematics coming soonish!

London Bus Spider Map

Renders spider maps for any London bus stop
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQLite, Leaflet, TfL APIs
Open Source (MIT licence)

Filename Fixer

A GUI tool to assist in bulk renaming files.
Python, wxWidgets
Open Source (MIT licence)

JOSM L-Shaped Terrace plugin

A plugin for the JOSM OpenStreetMap editor, to aid in drawing L-shaped terraced houses.
Java, Apache Ant, JOSM APIs
Open Source (GPL v2)

Font Organiser

A Python script to rename and file ttf/otf fonts by creator
Python, fontTools
Open Source (MIT licence)

Android Editing Keyboard

A touchscreen keyboard for editing and formatting documents.
Android Studio, Java
Open Source (MIT licence)

Landline Call Screener

A scammer-detecting gadget which captures caller ID info, looks up unknown numbers online, and identifies callers with appropriate emoji.
Source code coming soon!

TV Infra-Red Transceiver

A gadget that recognises certain remote control signals and transmits others in response.
Source code coming soon!

Random Acts of Creativity

An oddball collection of graphics, photos, arts and crafts.
Various media


A countdown timer in a Windows tray icon
Þe Olde Visual Basic 6
Open Source (MIT licence)

Professional and Academic Projects

Some things I've done for others, either as paid or voluntary work. Generally these are closed source, per the customers' wishes.

Asset Database

A web-based card-file database with reporting and file storage.
Proprietary license, exclusive to client

Canbridge Management Website

Simple portfolio website for a property management company
HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Leaflet
Proprietary license, exclusive to client

Redemption Conventions Website

Static site conversion to WordPress, and replacement of legacy Perl ticketing software with PHP equivalent
WordPress, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQLite

Event Programme Manager

The final project for my BSc Computing & IT, a web app to develop and publish a convention programme.
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQLite
May become open source after field testing!


User-editable icon menus for Bentley MicroStation CAD software
VBA with Win32 and MicroStation APIs
Proprietary license, exclusive to former employer

Odds and Ends

Random notes for my own use, that might possibly be of use or interest to someone out there.

Mists of Antiquity

Resurrected pages from a decade or two ago. Original formatting preserved in most cases.