All The Good Ones Were Taken

Recycled Sound & Vision

I like spotting re-use of music, sound effects, special effects footage, etc. Most of these I've noticed myself, though I'm generally not the only one, and the rest I only read about and wanted to make a note of. And since I keep note of these things, I figured I might as well share said notes.

Timestamps given below may vary because cuts and frame-rate conversions and such. Apologies if links have died since I updated this list; YouTube is as YouTube does.

Please note that I'm not making any accusations of plagiarism or copyright infringement!

I've Seen That Before Somewhere

Part of the slit-scan tunnel sequence from The Philadelphia Experiment (1984), about 90 minutes in, also appears behind the Top Tape logo seen in this trailer for The Lords of Magick:

The film God Told Me To uses some model effects from Space: 1999 in the alien abduction flashback, and some oddly-colorised close-ups of eyes from 2001: A Space Odyssey near the end:

The Wonder Woman episode Time Bomb opens with some model effects from Space: 1999 (there are also some Star Trek sound effects later in that clip):

Speaking of Space: 1999, in the 5-6pm episode from season 4 of 24, the logo of IDS Systems incorporates a plan view of Moonbase Alpha:

I've Heard That Before Somewhere

The sound effect heard when the drill operator Sladden runs from Hobbs End tube station in Hammer's Quatermass and the Pit (around 0:59:08), can also be heard in The Keep when Molasar cures Dr Cuza (around 0:47:54).

Saban & Levy's Souterrains from The Mysterious Cities of Gold (for example, episode 6 at around 0:12:45) was re-used in several episodes of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, for example sixteen minutes into The Good Shall Survive.

Eric Siday's piece of library music Suspended Animation, as used in the film Horror of Party Beach, was also used several times in early Doctor Who.

More library music, as the first episode of Thames Television's Chocky opens in a planetarium, with music previously used in a 1982 Ford Cortina advert.

While we're in The Keep, the end of the film famously included a remix of Walking in the Air from The Snowman.

Daniel Licht recycled his own Because the Dawn from the 1993 film Necronomicon as Dexter's Blood Theme.

Sounds a Bit Familiar

Ulysses 31's musical cue Ulysse terrasse le Cyclope (which I can't find as anything other than a remix) sounds a lot like MECO's disco-rock rearrangement of John Williams' Battle in the Snow

Also in Ulysses 31, this bit of music from Strange Meeting sounds more than a little like Football Fight from Flash Gordon.

Michael Hoenig's Attacked by Assassins from the Baldur's Gate soundtrack sounds an awful lot like Henry Mancini's Lifeforce theme, which sounds an awful lot like Sam Spence's NFL Films track The Equalizer.

Neon Genesis Evangelion's Decisive Battle is well-known for being somewhat inspired by John Barry's OO7 Theme as heard in From Russia With Love and others. Here's a comparison.

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