All The Good Ones Were Taken

Redemption Conventions Website

I was volunteered to help out with on website maintenance for this nominally biennial science-fiction convention. While the convention itself is currently on hiatus due to unrelated issues, the website remains available at

I first moved the existing static pages to WordPress, performing some copy-editing and reorganisation in the process.

The brief was to keep the site simple and readable, with a minimum of – and I quote – "bells and whistles and things flying round the screen". Initially I developed a simple WordPress theme that closely resembled the website's original design, then evolved it into the current design. The font used is Work Sans by Wei Huang, which was favourably received by some dyslexic test-readers.

I was later invited to debug the venerable suite of Perl CGI scripts which allowed attendees to sign up and pay for membership, and for committee members to access membership data. After a little bug-fixing, I updated the Stripe payment integration for SCA compliance, and then decided I might as well rewrite the whole suite of scripts in PHP for ease of future maintenance.