All The Good Ones Were Taken

Random Acts of Creativity

How about a break from all the software and electronics? Here's an oddball selection of my graphics, photos, arts and crafts.

The Office Duck Pond

An attempt to cheer up a co-worker. Her rubber duck, my box lid, craft foam, and actual water. Actual water sitting in an office accumulates a disturbing amount of formerly-airborne crud, so it didn't last long.

(My wise friend Jane has since told me that I should've used a clear resin instead of actual water, to avoid pollution problems and spillage hazards, but I didn't have any to hand at the time, I wanted the box lid back afterwards, and my co-worker wanted her rubber duck back afterwards!)

Various NaNoWriMo Covers

I've completed National Novel Writing Month several times, and occasionally I made covers to go along with my bad writing.

This one (below) is unfinished, but was intended to be cover art for my 2006 NaNoWriMo entry, Brittle Rules of Distance and Number. It was rendered in the POV-Ray, the Persistance of Vision Raytracer. The pot plant was generated procedurally and based on one from my workplace.

This one (below) was for The Empress Under Space, obviously. I gave up on the actual writing after a few days, so I probably spent more time on the cover than the contents. This was also rendered in POV-Ray.

And this one (below) was for The Incemouth Drinking Society and the Hexagons of Saturn. Incemouth is a fictional fishing village in Cornwall, and is obviously pronounced "Emf".

Vector Graphics

A couple of character doodles made in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer:

Xara again, these were 'Box Set' and 'Edit' icons for my erstwhile web-based DVD database:

Cthulhu Handbag

I made this (below) to carry stuff round at conventions. Under the felt is a lot of thick cardboard and duct tape, which turned out to be pretty robust. You can't see it in this photo, but there's an internal compartment for a pint glass.

Rubens-esque font

I had a copy of FontLab to hand courtesy of a past employer, and wanted to have a play with it, and wanted a looks-a-bit-like-the-title font for my Gemini Factor page (where you can download a copy). It has straight lines in some places where proper Rubens has curves, but it doesn't show at the sizes I'm using it.

Random photography

This photo taken on Harrow Hill may owe much of its atmosphere to being taken the day after the Buncefield fire.

This (below) is the river near Clapper Bridge, Dartmoor. I like the colour palette, and how abstract it all is at first glance.