All The Good Ones Were Taken

Android Editing Keyboard

I do a lot of rich text editing on my phone, but with the standard on-screen keyboard that's a real pain. In the days before Google added text editing features to the standard keyboard, moving the cursor accurately required a very sharp finger, and selecting text was a fiddly matter of finger-dragging little selection posts around the screen.

Even now that the standard keyboard has editing features, none of the shortcuts I'd take for granted on a desktop — Ctrl-X/C/V for cut/copy/paste, Ctrl-B/I for bold/italics, etc — are readily accessible.

So I put this little keyboard together, partly to scratch that itch, and partly to find out just how much fun Android dev isn't. Many of the keys just send Ctrl-something. Some of those somethings are peculiar to certain software I use, so this might not be useful to anyone else.

Where to Get It

It's not much use as it is, but you can find the source code on GitHub if you want a little insight into how Android Input Method Editors are put together.