All The Good Ones Were Taken

Event Programme Manager

This was the subject of my final project for my BSc (Hons) in Computing and IT, entitled A Web Application for Developing and Publishing a Convention Programme. It earned me a Distinction.

I had originally hoped to deploy it for the Redemption convention in August 2020, and report on its performance in my conclusion, but for reasons unrelated to this software, that event was repeatedly postponed and then cancelled.

Technologically it's a pretty standard CRUD app with a JavaScript front end, PHP + SQLite back end, and a sort-of-REST-ish-API between them.

I might open-source this at some future point, but not until it's a bit more mature and field-tested.


The editing side of the application is centred around an interactive programme grid like this:

Most editing is done in a pop-up form (below), but it also supports drag-and-drop for moving things around.

It will warn the user if any participants are double-booked:

On small screens, it reverts to a prod-and-edit list view:


On the publishing side, it can generate a programme grid (below). This is a simple HTML file which should also be importable into your usual word-processor or spreadsheet for tarting up or incorporating into a programme book. The grid can be generated on the fly based on current data, or a cache-friendly static copy can be written to a specified folder on the web server for general access.

It can also produce a programme listing (below). This too is simple HTML that could be imported into a word-processor.

If you save a snapshot of the programme when you go to print, it can later produce a list of subsequent changes:

It can also spit out door signs, printable straight from the browser:

Ditto sticky-label-sized lists of each participant's engagements: